The Hidden Rainbow by Christie Matheson

by Christie Matheson
Overall: 2 out of 5 stars

My coworkers and I agreed that this book had a lot going on – almost too much. It’s a color book. It’s a counting book. It’s an interactive book (sorta). It’s about bees. I had such high hopes as I absolutely adore Matheson’s Tap the Magic Tree for storytime with my toddlers. My colleague thought this one might work for a slightly older audience who can handle multiple themes at once, which it might. What I love about Tap the Magic Tree is the creative movements that the story calls for: tapping on the book, blowing, clapping, shaking the book to make the apples fall. In this one, the movements are much less creative and also much more vague: wave the bees back to their hive, point to the crocus shoots, trace a line. On top of that, it was just a bit didactic for me: though bees are certainly important, I was hoping for more magic and several page spreads had nothing but dry lessons on how important bees are.

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