Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell


by Chad Sell
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

This reads like a collection of short stories, but with interrelated characters. Sell wrote each one with a different collaborator (though the tone and style are so seamless you wouldn’t know it by reading) and each story focuses on a different kid in the neighborhood. Somehow they’re all interested in playing dress-up knights and dragons and queens – even the neighborhood bully. I especially liked that we got a glimpse into his life and why he’s unhappy (he lives with his grandmother because his mom can’t take care of him – details are sparse) but it wasn’t the focus of the whole book. Other kids have other issues – one boy’s parents are getting a divorce, and Dad keeps showing up at random times and upsetting everyone; one girl’s dad objects to her wearing a mustache as part of her costume (“What would people think?”); another boy wants to be a sorceress. Generally, it’s the grownups who have trouble with what the kids are doing, though some kids feel like misfits and have a hard time making friends and eventually find a pal among the crew. Conflicts are very minor and very easily resolved.

Good for fans of: Comics SquadAll’s Faire in Middle School, and also has some stretches of wordless panels that might appeal to reluctant readers! If you liked it, you might like the Awkward series.

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