I’m Not Scared… I’m Prepared! by Julia Cook


by Julia Cook

4.5 out of 5 stars

We have many books by Cook in our nonfiction collection but this is the first one I’ve sat down and read cover-to-cover. Having had an active shooter / ALICE training in my public library recently, I found this book about what to do if an intruder comes to your school both comprehensive and non-scary. The main character is an ant and their teacher teaches them about the “Sheep, Shepherd, and Wolf” way to respond to a bad guy in the school. She makes it into a sort of game that the little ones can understand, and they practice climbing out a window and running to a designated tree, running zig-zag down the hallway, and throwing toys and paper wads at the custodian (who is dressed as a wolf). The teacher is also careful to say that they just need to do what they’re told the first time and not ask why; that there is no reason to feel scared; and that they should not wait for her to run to the tree. The only detractor for me was some proofreading errors, but overall this book is solid.

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