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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen


by Sarah Dessen
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ever since her father died a few years ago and her wild older sister left the house, Macy finds a lot of comfort in her extremely orderly life. She has dinner with her mother every night and has her very rational, non-emotional boyfriend and a summer of covering his job at the library to fill her days. But then she discovers Wish Catering company and their chaotic ways where nothing is orderly and emotions run high. Under their care, Macy learns to stand up for herself and also to embrace chaos as she begins to heal from her father’s death and understand that emotions are good.

I loved Macy’s journey and am still mulling it over. It was a little bit less powerful of a climax than other recent favorite teen love stories, but things did come together nicely and you knew the climax was coming well before it hit. However, she knows how her love interest feels about her rather than realizing it for herself and in general she seems a bit weaker than I like my heroines. I also didn’t get to see how she actually deals with the other hard things in her life that fell apart at the same time as the love life storyline, but instead got a postscript where everything has been neatly resolved, which was a bit disappointing (though teenage me would have found that perfectly fine). But all that aside, it’s a good, fairly tame love story (no feelings about sex, just love), with a nice lesson on control and emotions and healing for good measure.

Returning-to-former-sport like: Ramona Blue
Lessons and love story like: The Future of Us