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Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash


Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Graham is in love with his best friend and neighbor, Roxy, who’s also his graphic novel collaborator (she does the art, he does the story). When they make their plans to go to the New York Comic Con (it seems they live on Long Island, presumably Huntington), he also plans to tell her. However, his plans for a big romantic gesture keep getting thwarted – first by a distinct lack of tickets to see their favorite artist speak, then by a handsome Brit who’s stolen Roxy’s attention. Graham may never get up the nerve to tell her how he feels.
Solid story and fits a niche that I could easily see selling to kids who are into comicons. Also fairly tame in terms of romance level – I don’t even think anyone kisses anyone else. Both Graham and Roxy have other best friends, but Graham isn’t able to get much out of Felicia on Roxy’s feelings for him. There’s also Roxy’s kid sister to provide some frank perspective. From the diversity angle, Roxy is Persian (as is the author) and Felicia is Asian American, and I suppose Graham is Jewish (or was it his best friend, Casey? Either way, not integral to the story). SPOILER ALERT: Graham and Roxy do not get together, but do start dating other people, which was actually a very satisfying ending. And there’s another surprise couple in there, Felicia and Casey. Graham calls his father the OG, or Original Geek, and I also enjoyed that Graham found some solace and encouragement in his father’s achievement of asking out his mother once upon a time.