Daily Archives: July 20, 2016

The Truth Game


by Anna Stanizewski
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars

It’s no secret I’m a fan of this series. This is the fourth one, and Rachel is back with all her clumsiness, silly expressions (like “oh my goldfish”), embarrassing situations, and teen drama. Her problems have continued from the third book and include a growing gap between herself and her best friend. What is unforeseen is that a rift crops up between her and her semi-boyfriend, Evan, and it’s all thanks to a game that Evan’s evil twin sister installed on Rachel’s phone (well, in addition to┬átheir awkward first kiss). Answers in the Truth Game are supposed to be anonymous, but then someone hacks the game and everyone’s answers are exposed for all to read. On top of that, Rachel is trying too hard at her new after-school bakery job and trying to get on the Pastry Wars’ teen edition show with her idol, Chip Ackerson. Also, her dad is back in town but her mom wants to move in with her boyfriend, who also used to be Rachel’s vice-principal.

I like that Rachel admits that she likes to see how she compares to others in the game and it even gets a little addictive, but then she realizes how harmful the game is. There are also some financials about kids who work and why. I really enjoyed how Rachel and Evan talked about their conflict, and Rachel and Marisol. Rachel also grows a lot, especially in overcoming her debilitating shyness, which is satisfying to watch and well-written. The ending is a bit contrived, but it is a middle grade novel so that’s not surprising. Overall, very satisfying. Who knows, maybe there will be a fifth book someday?