Finding Serendipity


by Angelica Banks
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Tuesday McGillycuddy’s big secret is that her mother is the famous children’s writer Serendipity Smith. After waiting all day for her to finish her final novel in the Vivienne Small series, Tuesday discovers the open window in her mother’s empty writing room and embarks on an adventure (along with her faithful dog, Baxterr) to find her.

This book is pretty imaginative for the “being literally sucked into a story” genre (see also: Story Thieves; Land of Stories; etc) but overall wasn’t a standout for me, though it is solid. I’m not sure how many kids are really serious about writing and will understand the metaphors, but it’s still a fun read. There’s a bit of deus ex machina to get Tuesday and co. out of a scrape but it works because she’s the author of her own story, etc. Also the mom is a thinly veiled J.K. Rowling, but again, fun. (Oh, also: as a librarian I was not fond of the portrayal of my kind in here!)

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