Books about Starting Kindergarten

It’s that time of year! Here are some of my favorite new books about starting Kindergarten:
I’m New Here
This book follows the stories of three kids new to the United States, who come from Guatemala, Korea and Somalia. O’Brien does a great job of showing what school is like from their perspective and being accepted and finding their place.
Ready, Set, Kindergarten
This one is pretty didactic but for a kid on the younger side, it might be just what they need to get ready. The main character experiences a conflict with another child and is able to act out a good solution with her toys, showing she is ready to handle that conflict again and resolve it well.
Dad’s First Day
Oh, this book is so cute. Perfect for families where the kid is super ready but the parents, not so much. Role-reversal and very sweet ending. I also really loved the illustrations.

Ally-Saurus and the First Day of School
by Richard Torrey
Also exceedingly high on the cute scale. Ally is starting Kindergarten and is also obsessed with dinosaurs. She roars around the classroom and is met with blank stares and a few girls who are equally obsessed with princesses. But all turns out well and very cute. I love the way each child’s interest is drawn in around them (like Ally’s dinosaur spikes that you can sort of see on the cover) in a different medium (chalk?) to show their imaginations and how they see themselves. Totally adorable.

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