Daily Archives: July 13, 2015


by Liz Prince
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

In Prince’s graphic novel memoir, she shares her childhood journey of being bullied and teased for wearing boy clothes and being a tomboy. What I liked about it was that Liz didn’t turn out to be gay or transgender – she’s just different and came to be comfortable in her own skin, but I would put this book solidly in the category of gender and sexuality exploration, which is a hot topic these days. She eventually found friends and boyfriends who got her, which helped her understand herself, and was allowed to attend an alternative high school that was a better fit for her. I liked that she got more introspective as the story progressed and also more confident. It’s true, as she says, that everyone gets bullied and teased about something, but in my experience it’s how you react to it that sets the tone more than anything else. The more we as a society talk about these things, the more normal they will become and the more the stereotypes will break down and people will be free to be themselves. Someday, someday…