Follow Your Money

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars

This is a great book for older kids who know a little bit about how much things cost and want to know more about how it breaks down. (It’s even good for adults – my coworker and I shared some facts that we were surprised to learn!) The first two pages give a timeline of money systems, then the reader is walked through various common items a kid would use every day (backpack, shoes, jeans, hamburger, spaghetti sauce) and where exactly all the money goes when you pay for them (do you know how expensive zippers are?!). One downside is that because they give current general prices, they will go out of date when inflation increases enough. They do explain about oil a little bit, and I was intrigued when they said you’ll see it comes up a lot, but the word oil is not on every page (I think they assume children know that “transportation” means oil). There was a page about oil, how it gets processed, why oil prices fluctuate, and why their fluctuations cause the prices of other products to fluctuate as well, but they do not talk about how plastic is made from oil or anything else such as the political ramifications surrounding oil-producing countries (though that’s probably a can of worms they just didn’t want to open). There are some good, official websites aimed at kids at the back, and some aimed at adults with that as a caveat. Also includes information about credit vs. debit, fair trade, profits, and interest.

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