Call Me Oklahoma!

by Miriam Glassman

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Fourth-grader Paige Turner wants to change things this year. Mostly, she wants to stand up to the class bully, Viveca, but her brother calls her a mouse and says she can’t do it. Paige decides that what she needs is a new name, a new identity, so she asks to be called Oklahoma. She gets a little too into her new identity and almost loses her best friend, but in the end finds a way to stand up to Viveca, win her friend back, and overcome some of her other fears as well, while returning to being Paige. Her teacher gets a little overly Western sounding, which seemed weird, and her understanding father seems to disappear after a while, leaving Paige to explain things to her semi-clueless mother, but overall I thought this book was very well done and Paige’s growth was gradual and believable. Short chapters would make this a good readaloud for a third- or fourth-grade class.

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