Dicey’s Song

by Cynthia Voigt
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

I really liked Dicey and the journey that she goes on to learn how to open up to people. I wasn’t overly clear on what exactly the conflict, or main point of the story, was until near the end when her life starts to change and resolve, but I enjoyed spending time with her and her family and getting to know them so I didn’t care a whole lot. I’m not sure how I missed that this was book 2 in a three-book series, but it stands alone well enough. Dicey and her siblings have made it on their own from Massachusetts down to Maryland and their grandmother’s home, hoping to be taken in even though until they arrive on her doorstep, Gram has no idea they even exist. The process of learning what has become of their mother, and their adjustment to their new life, takes the entire book and I found myself growing right along with Dicey and company (even Gram). I also loved Dicey’s friendships with Jeff and especially Mina, the only other girl in Dicey’s class as smart as she is. Dicey is white and Mina is black and, with this novel written in 1982, it had me thinking a lot about what it was like to be in school at that time. Dicey’s friendship with her is as plausible and unremarkable as if it were written today.

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