Jake and Lily

by Jerry Spinelli

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars

Jake and Lily are twins with a second sense for each other. They’ve always known just how the other one was feeling, both emotionally and physically, before being told, sometimes even before seeing the other. But when Jake suddenly wants space and new friends, Lily doesn’t know how to be her own person. With help from new friends and their grandfather, Lily learns how to navigate this twist in her relationship with her brother.

So many people are intrigued by twins and their unusual connections to each other, and Lily explains that theirs has a twist: They always wake up together at midnight on their birthday after having sleep-walked together. Where will they find themselves this year on their birthday, now that they aren’t as close? It’s an interesting twist on the age-old growing up question of navigating evolving friendships.

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