The Great Hamster Massacre

by Katie Davies
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars

This book is absolutely hilarious. It has the charm of kooky little kid characters like Clementine, plus a more sophisticated plot, and some pretty entertaining adult characters. One of these adults is an older gentleman who was “in the war” and speaks in whole paragraphs of older British slang that don’t seem to make any sense to the reader or to the main character, Anna, but other adults in the story respond appropriately, which helps the reader understand what he was saying. There is a small plot line of the grandmother dying near the beginning but it’s far from the main point of the book; mostly Anna and her brother Tom try to get their mom to get them a hamster. Once they actually do get the hamsters, one of the hes turns out to be a she and gives birth and then they meet an unfortunate end. It’s a little bit graphic so good for readers with strong stomachs! Boys, especially, might like this series.

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