by Jane Yolen
Overall: 3 out of 5 stars

This book actually kind of scared me. There is much description of a seven-year-old mostly-feral boy living in the woods, and the nighttime scenes especially made me uneasy. I was reading it to see if it would make a good recommendation or gift for my seven-year-old cousin who was raised on Renaissance Faires, The Hobbit and Harry Potter (he’s 7!). I actually think he would like it – even though The Deathly Hallows had to be read to him during daylight, he still has a very high threshold for suspense and scary stuff and I think he’d like it. For more delicate constitutions, this might not be the right choice. Being about Merlin, this is an easy chapter book (96 pages) that is sure to pique the interest of those into the Middle Ages.

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