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Maze Runner series


by James Dashner
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure together tell the dystopian story of Thomas and his new friends. Thomas wakes up one day in an elevator that is depositing him in The Glade with dozens of other teenage boys who are trying to solve the maze that surrounds them. These boys have no memory other than their time in the Glade. Solving the maze, however, leads to more problems as the survivors are taken from this setting back to the real world, in which a deadly airborne disease called the Flare is spreading quickly. Thomas and co. have been told over and over by the government that their participation in trials is all that will save the world, but they need to decide for themselves how much is too much to give.

As with so many trilogies, the second book was the weakest. In addition, it was also the most terrifying to me. I very nearly abandoned this series entirely with descriptions of Cranks (those infected with the Flare, who have gone insane) and the boys’ time in the Scorch (roughly Mexico, with violent windstorms and apprehension for what they face when they reach their destination). But I persevered because I liked Thomas as a character, and was satisfied with the ending. I’m planning to read the prequel, The Kill Zone, at some point too and will post another review about that!