Whales on Stilts

by M.T. Anderson
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

I found this book funny, in that the adults were completely clueless and useless, but I’m not convinced that kids would find it as funny. Certainly the plot was ridiculous and whimsical (and I felt the same way about Anderson’s contribution to the Exquisite Corpse book) and so fans of Kate DiCamillo might also enjoy it. There was some hetero-normative stuff, and some sexist bits, but overall I liked it. I especially liked that the whale invasion was thwarted by Lily’s listening to her grandmother’s wisdom. I am a special fan of books that show respect for elders.

From the Librarian Extraordinaire, whose book club gobbled it up: “The kids LOVED it – highlights were humor, “super hero” characters, constant surprises and cliff-hangers. Also, it was short. There was a lot packed into a smaller, shorter books.”

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