10 Inventors Who Changed the World

by Clive Gifford
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars

Category: Biography

Personal Evaluation: One thing I really liked about this graphic novel is that it went chronologically and linked each inventor with the next one, so you could see how one’s work affected others down the line, sometimes generations later. It did not provide detailed, easy-to-find information like how many inventions Benjamin Franklin made, but it did give a name to the people behind such inventions as the steam engine and Sputnik. Living in Boston, I was a little disappointed that Frankin’s story only had passing mention of his childhood here. This book also reminds me of the PBS series Connections.

What might interest children: The pictures really do help the story. Each inventor gets either a 2 or 3-page spread (so 4 or 6 pages) to tell their story. There are no quick facts, but extra information at the end of the book, along with a detailed index, and in the top left corner are a row of pictures of the inventors, in order, to let you know where in the timeline you are reading.

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