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Faith, Hope and Ivy June

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Category: Of Interest to Girls

Personal Evaluation: The snippets on the back were a bit misleading. It made it seem that the girls participating in the school exchange, Ivy June and Catherine, were at odds most of the time, when in fact it was just one small incident. Overall it was a great concept, even if the two girls seemed to goody-goody to be true. It was not all fluff, though – each one goes through a family emergency which strengthens their brief friendship.

What might interest children: There was a conflict with Ivy June’ s best friend Shirl, which mostly resolves itself in a way that younger children could relate to, but not older ones, ones the ages of these characters. I thought there could have been more exploration of how to resolve a misunderstanding between friends other than just letting it shake out and letting one of them come to her senses – most young girls I know don’t work like that! But overall a great story and some really great geographical and current events learning – about Kentucky in general and mining in particular, also about making assumptions between rich and poor, city life and rural life.