Daily Archives: January 25, 2013


by Sharon Creech
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars

Category: Poetry

Personal Evaluation: I went to the shelf looking for Love That Dog, which was out but this one was there instead. I love Sharon Creech so I figured any book was good, and I was right. I got a little teary at the end (and a few places in the middle).

What might interest children: Annie has a lot going on: she is twelve years old, loves running and drawing, has a grandfather living with her family who is showing signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia, and her mother is having a baby. Annie loves running with her friend Max, who other girls are starting to notice and talk about how cute he is. Kids (especially girls) who are dealing with any (or multiple) of these issues would get a lot out of this book. It is short and sweet but packs a punch, and really shows how much emotion you can get into verse instead of the same story told in narration and dialogue.