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America’s Greatest Game: The Real Story of Football and the NFL

by James Buckley, Jr.
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Category: Nonfiction – Sports

Personal Evaluation: This book had plenty of pictures and interesting ways of organizing the information, without being too confusing. There was no index in case someone was looking for information about a particular player or team, but it was short enough and the chapter headings were good enough that it probably wouldn’t be hard to find what you were looking for. The last page encourages kids to get active and play football. SLJ puts it at grades 3-6, but the writing seemed on the high end of that range to me – probably 5th-6th graders. The photos were credited to a wide variety of sources, mainly individuals but also some to Sports Illustrated and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The author’s authority on the subject seems to just be having written lots of kids’ books on sports.

What might interest children: It’s easy to read and packed with facts and statistics and pictures. A really good book for kids already familiar with the game.