by Laurence Yep
Overall: 3 out of 5 stars

Category: Contemporary Realistic Fiction (Multicultural)

Personal Evaluation: I skimmed this one so I’m sure there was a lot I missed out on, but I thought that the similarities between the state of Robin’s feet due to ballet dancing and her grandmother’s feet due to being bound as a girl in China was an interesting and fresh one. I liked how the grandmother came around – that definitely seems to be a common theme in children’s books: adult-child familial relationships in conflict and one or both coming around somehow.

What might interest children: I think this would especially appeal to dancers (mostly girls, though Thomas was definitely an interesting character). It would probably also appeal to Chinese kids, or kids with friends who are Chinese and want to learn more about that culture. And of course kids will find the relationships between Robin, her parents, and her grandmother interesting.

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