The Haunted Dollhouse

by Stefan Petrucha
Overall: 3 out of 5 stars

Personal Evaluation: Having just read my first Nancy Drew a few months ago, it was still fresh in my mind for making comparisons. As always, some things were clearer in graphic novel format and some were less clear. At times with graphic novels, a picture really is worth a thousand words – or a series of pictures can tell what paragraphs of narration can do. At the same time, I would find this contrast as upsetting as watching the movie of a book – I read with a movie screen in my head, so I see scenes play out as I read them. Often movies don’t live up to my imagination, but I have learned to accept them as distinct stories separate from the book. I imagine I would have to do the same for graphic novel adaptations of books I’ve loved.

What might interest children: This Nancy Drew graphic novel was an anomaly in the series in that it was celebrating the 75th anniversary of Nancy Drew and so it was Nostalgia Week in River Heights. However, normally Nancy and co. are modern girls with cell phones and computers, which I think will appeal to kids (girls or boys – a school librarian friend’s students did a debate of Nancy Drew vs. the Hardy Boys and there was no clear gender line on the teams – and the whole thing was entirely the kids’ idea). In this book, Nancy and her friends were constantly using slang from the 1930s and defining it, which I’m not sure a kid today would be interested in.

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