Max Malone the Magnificent

By Charlotte Herman
Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars

In my quest to read more boy-oriented (don’t hate – I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that boys and girls inherently want to read different books, but that is another conversation altogether) middle-grade fiction, I perused our recommended summer reading lists and picked this one out of the crowd.

I loved the storyline. I loved the magic. I loved how hard Max tried to stick to the budget his mother set of buying just one trick at a time, and that he couldn’t keep the pet rabbit but found her a good home where he could still practice tricks with her. I especially loved how he turned a disastrous situation of his big magic show into a great ending and saw the silver lining.

I liked this book, so the only reason it lost points with me was the unbelievable amount of sentence fragments. Which someone was recently trying to convince me were grammatically correct. But if that last sentence made you squirm, chances are it’s because that’s the kind of sentence fragment that makes me uncomfortable, too – and this book was full of them.

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