Gregor the Overlander

by Suzanne Collins
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This one was read for my library’s  children’s book club, which I sat in on the other day. I first had to get over the premise, which was that a boy was sucked into the underworld of New York City’s sewer system, and joins the society of enormous rats, bats, cockroaches and spiders. Gregor is on a quest – one that he thinks just affects the “underlanders” but turns out to affect him too. It’s one of those stories where loose ends are tied up and a cryptic message is revealed bit by bit.

I really liked Gregor’s little sister, Boots. As a toddler, she is blissfully unaware of many dangers, and as a happy-go-lucky kid, she turns all the potential enemies into friends and vital resources on their quest. She is one of those characters who you think is not central to the plot and just there for filler or entertainment, but is really crucial in the end.

I also enjoyed this article that a friend forwarded to me about Suzanne Collins’ background as a military kid. Gives a bit of context for her books, especially the Hunger Games trilogy!

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