A Mango-Shaped Space

by Wendy Mass
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This is my third Wendy Mass book in a year and perhaps I’ll give her a rest (at least on the blog – though not for lack of love!).  I adore the depth of Mass’s characters, though, and I really loved Mia’s relationships with her siblings and best friend as well as the exploration of and science behind synesthesia.  Curiously, synesthesia came up in three different kids’ books I’ve been reading in the past month or so – The Mysterious Benedict Society, and The Name of This Book is Secret (which I just realized I haven’t written about but will do that soon), and Mango.  Besides the timing, the synesthesia connection is interesting because I have a friend with synesthesia who is also very active reading and writing children’s books, so I was able to give her a few recommendations for entertainment plus info about it.

But back to Mango.  As I said, I loved Mia’s relationships and going through her day with her.  She really goes through a lot as an 8th grader.  I forgot how much teenagers handle at a time – learning how to juggle friendships and other relationships, perhaps the loss of a pet or grandparent and how deeply it can affect people of all ages, especially if it’s the first death they’ve experienced, and dealing with pressures of school and peers.  Mia’s life sounds about as complicated and stressful as mine!

One additional point in favor of this book: it was one playaway that I listened to where it seemed to end at just the right time, which is not always the case (as with Unwind – though was the case with Mass’s Every Soul A Star).

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