The Mysterious Benedict Society

by Trenton Lee Stewart
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Very exciting book.  I absolutely loved all the puns (Nomansan Island) and riddles, and the surprises that are slowly revealed to add to the story and the suspense.  This is one smart book, and kids of all ages will feel really smart as they try to unravel the mystery.  One thing I did not like was that these kids were orphans and were coached to have confidence to carry out their mission, but they were always being saved at the last minute by the grownups.  It was nice to know that the adults were always there for them, though – and without giving too much away, in more ways than one.  I did love the ending, and it made me curious enough to want to read the next book, but at the same time I’m glad Stewart didn’t drag it out to longer than a trilogy.

2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Benedict Society

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