Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator

by Jennifer Allison
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Gilda Joyce fancies herself a psychic investigator.  This summer she manages to wrangle an invitation to visit her mother’s mysterious distant cousin, Lester, who lives in San Francisco and turns out to have a daughter Gilda’s age.  There is something intriguing about Lester’s magnificent house that draws Gilda and she aims to solve the mystery of Lester’s sister who jumped to her death from the house’s tower.

Gilda is such an accurate awkward kid – I think so many kids (and adults too, if I’m any indication) will see themselves in her.  I was right there with her when she dressed up in her disguise and tricked Lester into actually believing she was a prospective client.  It did seem like he believed her which, looking at it from adult eyes, seems almost impossible – and yet, somehow, you’re looking at it with kid eyes.  It did seem a little creepy that Lester’s daughter, Juliet, was not even in high school yet and her parents were worried that she didn’t have a direction in life, but she finds one by the end.  I guess I think most kids don’t need a direction to be convinced to stay in school, but maybe some do – or at least need a push to do well and be inspired.

I find myself wondering if the other books in the series will be as good as this.  Also if Gilda and her cousin Juliet will stay in touch.  I hope so!

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