Daily Archives: July 31, 2010


by Emily Jenkins

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Daffodil and her sisters, Rose and Violet, are constantly shoehorned into dresses that represent their colorful names until one day, after years of loathing yellow and longing after her sisters’ pink and purples, Daffodil demands to be allowed a new color.  What the book flap doesn’t seem to want to give away is her sisters’ reaction, which is surprisingly similar to hers – they have long harbored desires for their other sisters’ colors too.  The mother is surprised by this but then relents, and one day they are even allowed to expand to colors like plaid and black.

I thought this book was an excellent testimony to the power of asking for what you want, and not being afraid to break out of the box that other people (even well-intentioned, loving mothers) have put you into.  Also a good way to address talking about your feelings and shattering assumptions about other people’s feelings.  I was almost impressed by the mother being in a wheelchair but it turns out it was just her sewing table which had ornamental wheels (I guess?).  It was also unclear whether people couldn’t tell the sisters apart because they were triplets or because they were not far apart in age and really looked alike.  What is clear is that the father plays no role in the story.  The mother makes all the decisions – and gracefully lets her daughters be themselves when her plans go awry – herself.