Eleven Birthdays

Eleven Birthdays
by Wendy Mass

Stars: 5 out of 5

What a perfect book to read on your birthday weekend!  Two ex-best friends, Amanda and Leo, were born on the same day.  They end up reliving their eleventh birthday over and over, Groundhog Day-style, until they can figure out how to make amends and solve the mystery of why this is happening.  (Also reminded me a little bit of Freaky Friday.)  They relived the day eleven times and I did think some of it was overkill.  However, one of those days they indulged Leo’s impulse to live consequence-free, which I thought was good to explore a bit, but not too much, or they would get away from the main storyline. The interactions between characters were believable and the story was clever and well-executed.

This was a good book to add to my repertoire of books for kids who were just like me – a little feisty, wanting a little adventure and something with some teeth to it, but also wanting a somewhat happy ending.  At our book fair last week, I hit the jackpot recommending this one to a few girls who fit that category – and who I had trouble making good recommendations to in the past, oddly enough.

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