Double Review: Two Takes on Librarians

Two completely different portraits of librarians.  The first book is Here Lies the Librarian, by Richard Peck (yup, that Richard Peck – not to be confused with Robert Peck, author of the Soup books); the second is Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson.  You can tell by the title that the second one paints an unflattering picture of my people, but you might make the mistake of thinking Peck’s book is about dead librarians.  It starts off that way, which is the reason for four fresh, young librarians.  Which leads me to today’s review:

Here Lies the Librarian
By Richard Peck

Every time I open a kids’ book that starts with the kid’s mom dying, I actually think of the second book in this double review, which we’ll get to next time.  But anyway, this book opens with the explanation of how siblings Jake and Peewee end up on their own with no parents.  They work together on these newfangled automobiles in 1914 and there is a LOT of car talk.  I tried and tried to think of a way to review this book without revealing that Peewee is a girl, but there’s just no way.  She is a tomboy, and efforts to turn her into more of a lady are pretty entertaining.  Anyway, it turns out that when the old librarian had died, the town took the opportunity to save money and shut down the library.  Along come these four rich, newly-minted young librarians who want to spend their families’ money to modernize the library.  They save the day in more ways than one and are definitely heroes – a distinct departure from the next book.  Stay tuned!

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